Matt and The Beanstalk


My name is Matt, and I live on the very top of a beanstalk. I’ve decided I want to embark on a journey into the depths of the music industry, and I wanted to involve everyone and keep people up to date on what I’ve been up to week by week.

My weekly updates will include how I’ve been making money to afford things like PR, recording time, if I’ve made any interesting contacts, how the recording process is going, and anything else I feel you would like to know.

Now just to set the scene a bit, my parents have absolutely no connection to the music industry, they aren’t friends with top producers, they don’t own Sony records, and to my knowledge, they haven’t gone out with/had any relations with anyone famous, however they are really really supportive of me wanting to be a big name in an extremely big pond.

I would say my family are pretty mental if I’m being really honest, in the best way possible though! The other day my mum got me up out of bed to listen to a noise the washing machine was making because she thought it would sound really good in a song, which I do think is really cool and creative, she’s a huge Kate Bush fan so maybe that explains it.

My Dad likes Elvis and artists like that, he’s a pretty classic Dad, always making really really cringe jokes that I secretly find funny. One of the best jokes I remember him making was when I started secondary school, I was going through my “heavy metal is life” phase and I said to him “dad shhh I’m listening to this band Limp Bizkit, they’re this new genre of metal, metal rapping” and without any hesitation whatsoever he says “what you mean tin foil?”. I know right?

So yeah, I will be back next Sunday with an update on everything that has happened to me!

Matt x



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