My First Song


Ok so this week has been very busy, I’ve been recording in my producers flat for like the past 3 days. It’s been extremely productive and I’m really excited about the sort of vibes and genre Matt and The Beanstalk is going to be branded as.

I found the creative process really interesting, we did 12 hour days which flew by and the song itself changed genres a few times before we were happy with the transitions between verses and choruses. I also learnt a lot about string and brass arrangements which is something I really wanted to get involved with.

Christmas is nearly upon us and I’ve asked for money off my family to help pay for the recording sessions. I’ve started saving money for things such as PR. I’ve actually been babysitting some kids who are really cool so that’s how I’ve been making money this week. They were telling me that their school has been handing out detentions and other punishments for dabbing and bottle flipping which I thought was a bit unnecessary. I think one of the reasons why I hated school was because of the teachers being power crazy.

Anyway, I’m back recording on Tuesday so I’m really looking forward to that, I’ve been researching BBC introducing and BBC Radio 1 and 2, trying to find efficient ways to get radio play and also how to get onto Spotify playlists!!! In the meantime though,  I created a Soundcloud page for when I start to upload songs and it would mean the world if people could follow it as well as my Twitter!!!

Matt x






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