So this week has been really really cool. It was Christmas so I saw all my family and all my girlfriends family. I had such a lovely time but I think I’ve gained a couple of hundred pounds. Seriously though, really makes you appreciate family.

With regards to music, this week I haven’t really done that much. I did a bit more baby sitting to earn some money for song two, I’ve decided to wait till I have three songs recorded before I get them mastered, just so whoever I choose can do them all together. My producer is back in Liverpool with his family so i haven’t been nagging him for a final mix because he might chin me during this time haha.

Me and my girlfriend played a game this week, it’s called ‘Journey’, it was made by a talented guy called Matt Nava and scored by Austin Wintory, genuinely changed our lives, the music in particular really moved me and I’ve decided to try and incorporate some world instruments and a lot of strings into my music which may be strange for indie but I feel like it will work well. The journey itself nearly brought me to tears (something you should know about me is that I can’t cry, like legit just can’t cry) it really did a beautiful job of making you forget you were playing a game, I recommend anyone to play it, it made feel super determined, inspired me to write as well.

Anyway, I’m going to go and have a writing session now, Carrie Fisher just died, so I feel like writing a space song!

Matt x



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