Disaster Strikes


Ok so this week has been a nightmare, I was all set to record with my producer however the day before I had a session with my personal trainer and the next day I woke up not being able to move, like legit couldn’t move. So I had to cancel because I couldn’t drive or play any instruments haha so song two will begin not this week but the week after.

Both song two and song three are completely finished with regards to writing so I’m really really looking forward to them being recorded. It’s quite a unique sound that we’ve created but in a good marketable way, so it’s not a crazy genre that people can’t relate with.

I had another personal training session yesterday, it was a legs session and I’m really enjoying the pain, in the words of my mum “the pain just means it’s working” haha.

I might be able to get into the studio this week but it’s unlikely but I’ll let you know next Sunday if I have managed to, my producer is a very busy guy!

Matt x



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