The Single


Ok so this week has been very productive, the debut single has been chosen and the recording process is underway. I wrote this song for one of my best friends, he went through a very hard time last year and it wasn’t nice to see him in a bad way, so this song is for him now that everything is back to normal.

I’ve noticed that everyone handles things differently and I really feel out of touch with my emotions, so with this song I focused on lyrics and making them as emotionally driven as I possibly could make them.

Nothing too funny has happened to me this week, I’ve been to the gym a few times, I’ve been job hunting too so I can afford to fund this project. It’ll feel great when this takes off because I know that I’ll have put everything I have into it, and it’ll all have paid off. Been listening to a lot of local bands, really enjoying the Nottingham music scene vibe.

Matt x



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