Coming Soon…


Ok so this week song two has made some major progress, me and my producer spent a lot of time arranging polyrhythms for string sections, and lead lines for brass sections. It’s been a really really cool process but frustrating as well, we have such a clear vision of how we want this track to sound and we aren’t going to settle for anything else.

I was at the gym yesterday and saw this guy basically hit himself in the head with a weights bar which as a disclaimer I’m going to say is not funny however he was absolutely shredded so i couldn’t help but laugh, then my PT told me he’s on roids so I stopped laughing pretty quickly. I was thinking of maybe using the sound of the bar hitting off something in a song because it sounds really cool, and I could just imagine it sounding huge with some crazy reverb on it.

I’ve decided that I am going to release a song soon, going to start emailing PR companies about a campaign and hopefully a good team will get on board. I’ll keep you all updated on how this is going!

Matt x



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