The Next Step


Ok so lots of things to report, the debut single is 100% finished, I have the final master and I am so proud of how it sounds. The track has been sent to the PR company I’d like to work with and they said they’d let me know what the verdict is next week. If I’m being honest I really really want to work with them, their track record is really good and I think they could do a great job of the first ever Matt and The Beanstalk release.

Work on song two is progressing at a good rate so it shouldn’t be too long till that is ready as a follow up release to the first single. It’s the Brits next week and I’ve decided I really want one, I haven’t been nominated this year because no one has ever heard of me and I haven’t released anything but I reckon I could get one in a couple of years. I really want either Stormzy or Skepta to get best British new comer, they’ve worked super hard and they both deserve it.

More to report next week!

Matt x



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