The North


Ok so this week has been really great, I am so excited to be working with ‘A Badge Of Friendship PR’ on my first release campaign. They are fantastic people and I can’t wait to start this journey with them.

I’ve also been working with my producer, song two sounds absolutely massive and again I cannot wait for everyone to hear it when the time is right. Had such a good day that day, I had three lunches, Bramwell cooked me a steak, then went to McDonalds and had 20 chicken nuggets, then went home and had teriyaki chicken, so good.

I noticed that BBC introducing have a super cool new uploader, I hope I can tick one of my goals off soon and gain radio play on Dean Jacksons show and maybe even a few steps further.

Oh one final thing, I traveled up North today to work with a talented photographer called Adrian Jackson, you may have noticed a lot of changes to my website and social media!

More updates to come next week!

Matt x



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