Ok so this week has been very very fun. The second single has taken a challenging turn, me and Bramwell have had an absolute nightmare trying to arrange this one, creating dynamics that work has been a challenging but fun process. Working with brass instruments is great, but making them less harsh and making them build and layer has proven to be a challenge.

The first single is currently under review and the PR campaign is being put through its paces, but the guys at A Badge of Friendship are working hard and being as lovely as ever. Genuinely cannot thank them enough.

Something amazing happened today haha, I was out for a drive in the country with my girlfriend, and we saw a little dog outside this house on a country lane, we felt bad so got out to try and put the little pupper in the garden of the house we think it belonged to. Anyway as soon as we got out, the little thing hopped in the front of the car and whenever we tried to coax him out, he would just leap through the car haha. So this blog is for him, I’ve put a little photo of him below, I hope he’s safe now!

More updates next week!

Matt x



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