Ok so this week I’ve been preparing for ‘Symphony’ coming out on iTUNES and Spotify and places like that! I’ve also been overwhelmed with all the features that have been appearing on blogs from all over the world.

Single two is still under construction and I think that it might take longer than what I first thought. I’ve been exploring world sounds recently and it’s opened up so many doors to new sounds and rhythms.

Again I apologise for the short blog!

Matt x





Ok so this week has been fantastic, track two is really really close to being complete and I’m already planning some cool things for my second release. Me and Bramwell are exploring different sounds to make things epic.

Yesterday was Wrestlemania and I am still on a high, The Hardy Boys returned and it blew my mind and I totally lost it and had to wake my girlfriend up so she could also experience it which she was a bit mad about but still it was absolutely amazing. I got sad though because The Undertaker retired and got beat which was super emotional. Oh John Cena got engaged too.

Anyway I’ll be back with more updates, news and music very very soon!

Matt x




Ok so this week has been insane, like actually insane. I released Symphony last Monday and the response has been overwhelming. By day 3, the track had reached just over 7000 listens and now it’s on just over 8000. I genuinely cannot believe it.

Not only that though, on Saturday Dean Jackson and his BBC introducing East Midlands team played Symphony on their show, not only did they say lovely things about it but people actually texted in and tweeted me. Genuinely could not believe it.

Now at the start of the year one of my goals was to be played on Deans show, so that’s a really big tick for me, now I need to maintain that relationship but also keep working towards the other goals I set myself for this years campaign.

Matt x




Ok so I am very very very excited, I feel like it’s important to stress that tomorrow is a super important day for me and if it’s possible for anyone who reads this, please follow me on Twitter and Soundcloud or please like my Facebook page, I’ll link them at the bottom of this blog post!
I managed to get into the studio yesterday, the second single it pretty much finished, just need to add a few finishing touches and then send it off for mastering. Honestly guys, I cannot wait for tomorrow, I feel like it’s been a long time coming and I cannot wait to finally share something with you.

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Matt x




Ok so this week has been very very fun. The second single has taken a challenging turn, me and Bramwell have had an absolute nightmare trying to arrange this one, creating dynamics that work has been a challenging but fun process. Working with brass instruments is great, but making them less harsh and making them build and layer has proven to be a challenge.

The first single is currently under review and the PR campaign is being put through its paces, but the guys at A Badge of Friendship are working hard and being as lovely as ever. Genuinely cannot thank them enough.

Something amazing happened today haha, I was out for a drive in the country with my girlfriend, and we saw a little dog outside this house on a country lane, we felt bad so got out to try and put the little pupper in the garden of the house we think it belonged to. Anyway as soon as we got out, the little thing hopped in the front of the car and whenever we tried to coax him out, he would just leap through the car haha. So this blog is for him, I’ve put a little photo of him below, I hope he’s safe now!

More updates next week!

Matt x




This week the PR team that I’ve been working with have been doing lots and lots of work towards my campaign. I’ve been working on a third song that with be my second release and followup single.

There isn’t much else to report if I’m being totally honest but song three is sounding huge already after one session working on it. It’s by far the catchiest song I’ve ever wrote and I cannot wait to share it with everyone, I apologise for the shortness of this blog but I’ve been working hard!

Matt x


The North


Ok so this week has been really great, I am so excited to be working with ‘A Badge Of Friendship PR’ on my first release campaign. They are fantastic people and I can’t wait to start this journey with them.

I’ve also been working with my producer, song two sounds absolutely massive and again I cannot wait for everyone to hear it when the time is right. Had such a good day that day, I had three lunches, Bramwell cooked me a steak, then went to McDonalds and had 20 chicken nuggets, then went home and had teriyaki chicken, so good.

I noticed that BBC introducing have a super cool new uploader, I hope I can tick one of my goals off soon and gain radio play on Dean Jacksons show and maybe even a few steps further.

Oh one final thing, I traveled up North today to work with a talented photographer called Adrian Jackson, you may have noticed a lot of changes to my website and social media!

More updates to come next week!

Matt x